Work Well. Learn Well. Live Well.

Team Amazer
Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to globalize K-Pop.
We do that by creating an innovative product, by understanding the market’s needs,
by building a creative and passionate global team and by making a positive impact
in K-pop culture.

1 + 1 is 2

We are all about collaboration.
Happily working close to each other.

Do Your Thing

Each one has own skillset
We love being that ‘special one’ in the team.


It Is Okay, Really

We learn from everything, even from mistakes.
We take chances, That is how we grow.

Sungjoon Im

Product Owner

"Keep your thinking short,

and do it quickly""

Yongkyu Baek

Software Developer

"No Sweat, No Sweet"

Lucas Park

CO-Founder & CTO



Creative Business Director

"You will never know until you try"

Devante Chang

Co-Founder & CCO

"Go for it! Future is promised to no one"

Hyunji Cha


"Let's enjoy working!"

Tensz Lee


"How amazing we meet now!"

Nayeon Park

Creative Business Manager

"There's A Light That Never Goes Out"

Dukhyung Lee

Android Developer

"Amazer is right!"

Kaicey Chae

VP of Global Business

"and so it is"

Jisun Shin

Service Planner

"We are master of our own fate"

Junho Lee

Unity Developer

"This, Too, Shall Pass Away"